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Our employees have over 30 years of experience in insulation work.We select the appropriate insulation for the required process under certain conditions. It affects the costs to our Clients, which later helps them save a lot of money in the production process.

We operate onshore, offshore, in marine and in construction sector.

We perform heat insulation work of:

  • waste and biomass incineration
  • power boilers
  • pipelines
  • flue gas ducts, air ducts etc.
  • filters and electrostatic precipitators
  • technical rooms and accommodation on ships

We assembly:

  • pins and clips for insulation, threaded studs and other hangers through welding
  • formwork construction
  • sheet metal shuttering, wood and wood-like materials shuttering, plastic shuttering
  • fabrics as insulation cover
  • insulations in a form of:
    • mineral wool slabs and mats
    • mineral wool pipe sections
    • special high-temperature materials

We do cold insulation:

  • tanks
  • pipelines
  • holds and processing plants on fishing vessels
  • ammonia, freon, glycol installation
  • installation of air conditioning and ventilation

In assembly process we realize :

  • shuttering of sheet metal
  • isolation in a form of:
    • foamed polyurethane
    • rubber mats and pipe sections

We do acoustic insulation of:

  • technicalrooms on vessels
  • accomodation from engineroom
  • ducts
  • fans
  • silencers
  • other devices that emit excessive amounts of noise and vibration

In assembly process we realize:

  • soundproofing mats and boards
  • vibration damping system
  • support structure for reducing vibration