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We offer delivery and assembly of sandwich panels which are shields for walls and roofs, most often used in industrial, storage and agricultural sectors. It is a construction element which consists of steel sheet layersand insulating core between them.The designof panels allows quick and simple assembly regardless of weather conditions, in vertical and horizontal system. Sandwich panel may be used as a material on roofs, external walls, partition walls and suspended ceilings. There are various thicknesses and types of panels which is why they are used so widely.

Our offer includes a delivery of facade and ceiling panels in various systems with an insulating core made of:

  • mineral wool
  • styrofoam
  • polyurethane foam

We offer a wide selection of panels in terms of:

  • thickness
  • length
  • moulding
  • color
  • coating

As part of installation of panels we also provide delivery and installation of doors, windows, gates and other elements, both as elements of the facade and roof.