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About us

A group of experienced employees who constantly improve their professional skills, is ready to work for you. Our modern machine park with specialist machines which prefabricate sheet metal elements, allows us to improve production process and reduce costs.Termika Sp. z o.o. ompany has its own transport fleet and warehouses. For many years we have been working with insulation companies and units which provide related services – thanks to this we are able to provide complex services to our clients and increase manufacturing capacities.

Termika Sp. z o.o. is committed to continuous improvement through the introduction of an integrated management system.

Insulation services

Termika Sp. z o.o. company provides complex insulation services for the marine industry, energy sector, petrochemical industry, cooling engineering sector and other related industries. We perform works such as insulation with mineral wool, cellular glass, elastomers and polyurethane foam, as well as we install external cladding.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems

Our company delivers and assembles complete air conditioning and ventilation systems. In Poland, we provide our services to the civil engineering sector and marine industry – we install both the ducts and fittings. Termika Sp. z o.o. company is an accredited seller of air conditioning and ventilation equipment manufactured by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric.

Production and trade

We are one of the biggest wholesalers of insulating materials and specialized construction chemicals in northern Poland. Our business partners among others are Sika, Rockwool and Paroc. We also sell products of our own brand such as pins and clips for insulation, headed studs 'Termika SD’ for which we have technical approval and CE certificate. In addition, we sell other items which are available in our company catalogue.


We offer TIVAR® claddings for storage and transport containers. This abrasion-proof material proves to be the best solution in places such as ship holds, as well as containers for coal and other minerals.


We perform works in Poland and abroad. We worked in Scandinavia, Netherlands, France and Great Britain. We also delivered our services outside Europe. As needs and expectations of our clients tend to increase, in 2012 we decided to extend ISO 9001 certificate, which we were granted in 2001.


From the very beginning of our business we have been working with many Polish and foreign contractors. As the time goes by, we have won trust of new business partners. For the last few years we were happy to commence co-operation with a number of important companies, which specialize in power installations.