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We sell and weld studs in accordance with PN-EN ISO 13918 standards. These bolts are welded on the surface of steel structures, which are later poured with concrete – in this way they act as a sort of coupling between steel structure and concrete. They are made of structural steel of S235J2+C450 or S355J2+C450 type. Our bolts are sold in the European Union and have been granted with European Technical Approval and CE certificate.

Resistance welding of studs with 3-25 mm diameter is performed by qualified professionals who use specialised equipment. Resistance welding is performed on:

  • Structures which combine steel with concrete (bridges, industrial buildings, multi-storey halls and car-parks).
  • Steel structures (welding to facades, beams, pillars).
  • Shipbuilding (insulations, group of wires, non-slip floors, hatch covers, hatches).
  • Construction of machines and conatiners (containers, air conditioning and ventilation systems, food industry).
  • Cold stores and power plants (assembly of thermal insulation panels on the walls, containers, boilers, ash-pits).


Studs welding compliant with PN-EN ISO 14555 standard, includes:

  • preparation of QAP,
  • routing and cleaning of the surface,
  • welding,
  • quality control and inspection.

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